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Ana Fernandez

After spending her childhood regularly moving between what they termed the "Fernandez" triangle (Venezuela, Great Britain, and Canada), Ana's family settled in Canada in 1965, making Toronto their home for a few years.

In her twenties, Ana moved out West to beautiful British Columbia. After many years working in the financial services sector and surviving more time than she cares to admit in the bone-chilling cold of Northern BC, she headed south to sunny Mazatlan. Since 2011, Ana has made Mexico her winter home. In the summers she returns to her homeland, Canada, and considers herself very blessed to be able to spend them amongst the family and friends she loves.


"In my life's journey, I have learned to be flexible, patient and try not to sweat the small stuff. Of course, the aging process has helped a lot with this too! I have two wonderful adult children but no grandkids yet to spoil yet, although I must say my "grand-cat", Milo, gets his share of treats and cuddles from me when I see him. I also enjoy giving back to the community and, in both Mazatlan and Victoria, I try to find time to spend on worthy causes that are close to my heart."

Since 2013 Ana has been offering air ambulance plans as one of the options available to expats and snowbirds. In the fall of 2015, a new player entered the scene, offering a program that is unique and custom developed for the needs of travelers to Mexico. International Insurance Group (IIG) partnered with Air Ambulance Worldwide (AAW) to create Travel MedEvac LLC.

Travel MedEvac Insurance (TME) 
was two years in the making and is now the most comprehensive air evacuation insurance plan available...their main focus is Mexico. They also cover North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico), Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean (including Cuba), Central America and most other countries worldwide.

Ana chose to join TME because, first and foremost, their program will take you home if your medical condition is SERIOUS instead of CRITICAL.  That may appear a fine line but, when it is you in a medical emergency and you prefer to get back home even if you are in a hospital that is treating you perfectly well, this could make all the difference in the world!

keeps annual permits to enter Mexico on all their aircraft.  Having dedicated aircraft to ensure consistency in top quality to members is very important to Ana. And in the rare circumstance that all AAW's air ambulances are in service on the same day, they have a specialized reciprocity agreement with other air ambulance companies that meet their strict criteria of aircraft and medical personnel to cover every situation. AAW adheres to and is certified with the highest accreditation for air ambulances in the world (EURAMI).

As an added bonus through her affiliation with Mexico Insurance Online, Seven Corners, IMG as well as We Expats, Ana is now able to offer her clients other travel service plans they may require such as short-term travel medical insurance, expat healthcare, auto/RV liability coverage for Mexico as well as home insurance.

"I am here to serve the needs of Mexico bound snowbirds and will always strive to ensure that I have the very best products or services available for them. I look forward to serving my community for many years to come!"

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photo of a family
My awesome kids!
Fernandez Family - Venezuela early 1950's
Fernandez Family - Venezuela early 1950's
A Lucha Libre champion
A Lucha Libre champion